Kelly Osbourne`s new make-up range inspired by own style

London: Kelly Osbourne admits she chose pretty pastels and bold brights for her new cosmetic range because they appeal to her personal aesthetic.

The `Fashion Police` host and her mother Sharon Osbourne have collaborated on a two-part range of eye shadows, lipsticks and skin make-up for MAC cosmetics, reportedly.

"I keep giggling when I say this because I was my inspiration, and I know it`s really narcissistic to say. But I wanted to stay true to me and the colours I love, but at the same time, kind of slightly tweaking them a bit so they`re a bit more for every woman because I know my taste isn`t for everyone. So I had to leave my ego at the door with this, and really think about it," she said.

The purple-haired star is known for her fearless love of fashion and bold use of colour, but was still impressed she picked such on-trend shades including lavender and neon pink for the limited-edition line when she was making her choices over a year ago.

"It`s insane to me that the colours I picked (initially) - having no idea where the fashion world was going - somehow I was a bit ahead of them with it. I was like, `Wow, I can`t believe this actually worked,` and we pulled this off with the colours I wanted to go with."

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