Know the art of make-up removal

Updated: Jul 11, 2013, 15:08 PM IST

London: When makeup is removed in an incorrect manner, it leads to irritation on the face and chances of premature ageing and uneven complexion rise. So use face wipes to remove makeup, but do it the right without causing any damage to the skin.

"Using a face wipe is a great way to make sure you cleanse and tone, removing makeup at the same time to ensure your pores aren`t blocked," quoted facialist Teresa Tarmey as saying.

She also said that wiping haphazardly before going to bed can removie makeup, but learning how to wipe without stretching your skin and minimising pressure will reduce any damaging effects.

"Skin is the foundation for looking beautiful, so taking care of it is crucial. Removing makeup in the wrong way can not only irritate the skin but promote premature aging, causing fine lines and uneven complexion," said Tarmey.

Follow the following makeup removing steps shared by Tarmey:

Gently remove makeup from your forehead first. Wipe it from the middle of the forehead to the left, and then back to the middle and to the right.

Then move on to your eyes. Wrap the wipe around your finger, exposing the other side and gently sweep it across the lids towards the outer corners. Use your ring finger for this to avoid applying more pressure on your delicate skin.

For your cheeks, repeatedly sweep the wipe upwards towards your ears. The upward movement will not cause skin to sag.