Lady Gaga falls flat; thanks to her footwear!

London: Pop star Lady Gaga leaves no opportunity to make a fashion statement but her outrageous choice backfired when her platform heel-less boots failed to support her and she fell face down.

The singer, who emerged at Heathrow airport fresh from New York dressed in an outfit that made her look like a cyborg from a sci-fi movie.

The pop star had squeezed herself into a bizarre mix of thigh-high black leather chaps and platform heel-less boots that contributed to her fall, a news daily reported.

Although she tried hard to steady herself, the 24-year-old star still tumbled over as it became clear these boots, designed by Noritaka Tatehana, were most certainly not made for walking.

It proved a perfect opportunity for the amused onlookers, who captured the embarrassing incident on their mobiles.

Gaga, who infamously wore a red PVC gown when she met The Queen, accessorised with glittering red eye patches, and teamed her boots with black pants and a black bra along with a mesh top.

She also wore a bizarre bandana tied around her bleached blonde bob, sunglasses and scarlet lipstick.

The singer spends the better part of her fortune on her eccentric appearances and stage outings.

She is causing a consternation in America after appearing on the cover of `Rolling Stone` magazine clad in nothing but a machine-gun bra, and not much else.



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