Lady Gaga gets spikes on face!

London: Singer Lady Gaga, who gets as bizarre as it can with her dressing, pushed the envelope too far with her make-up by sporting flesh-coloured spikes on her face.

The singer appeared on Jay Leno`s popular chat show with her face covered in flesh-coloured spikes that look like sub-dermal implants - a new craze for people into extreme body modification. Metal shapes or even items of jewellery are implanted under the skin for the process, reports a daily.

Her face seemed to have angular additions, with two at her temples, two on her cheekbones and one on the bridge of her nose.

Gaga`s spokesperson had "no comment" when asked if the star had the spikes surgically implanted or were they just prosthetics.

Her dress was equally outrageous. She wore just her innerwear underneath a long sheer hooded cloak with a black, PVC horned eye mask.