Latest spring makeup trends 2015

Latest spring makeup trends 2015
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Fashion keeps re-inventing itself over and over again – which is why a change in season means a change in trends too! And, what’s better than a spring season to become your beautiful best! This spring, be ready to exhibit innate style with these super-raw yet appealing trends that is sure to take you places! Who better than an ace beauty proficient to do it, so here we have, Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Gunjan Gaur, to tell you about all these trends in detail!

Gunjan Gaur

BE A BRONZED SIREN: A matte base with ample bronzing is preferred this season, for a minimal yet elegant look. So, apply a high-shine bronzer on the top of cheekbones; also to shed three pounds from your face and make it appear chiseled in a go! Do it by making a 3 (numeric three) on either sides of you face using a bronzer – covering your forehead, cheekbones and jaw-line and be ready to flaunt a sun-kissed, tan look that’ll mesmerize all!

TWIN SHADES: A pastel eye-shadow with bright and contrasting eyeliner is sure to turn you into the pretty girl. Hues like; light orange, pale pink, glowing peach are a safe bet as eye-shadows; whereas you can compliment them with contrasting shades of bottle greens, electric blues and magenta pinks as double-liners to showcase sassiness. For instance, if you are donning an attire in fuchsia pink – apply an pastel pink shade over your lids and adorn it with making double-winged liner in black and electric blue. Use a contrasting accessory like ring or bracelet similar to the color of liner for an added dose of zing.

WINGED LINER WITHOUT KOHL: A winged liner not only draws attention towards your eyes, it instantly turns you into a yesteryear diva. Make the look your own by drawing the extended winged liner over your upper lash-line. For this, it is advisable to use liquid liner instead of a gel-based liner for a sharper finish. You may also use a visiting card as a stencil to solve the purpose.  Though you can avoid kohl at the waterline to keep it all subtle; you may harmonize the winged liner with thickened eyebrows. Lastly, do not forget to curl-up your lower lashes with mascara – to bring an overall balance on your face.

PLUM-UP-YOUR-POUT: As purple is the new black this season; be it mauve, lilacs, plums or lavenders; a pure “plum-ed” pout will satisfy all your makeup urges. For a perfect sheen, apply a ravishing plum shade after applying a quality lip plumper for a pouty set of lips! Remember to outline the boundaries of your pout with a similar color lip-liner for a defined avatar. Conclude by layering it with glass-effect gloss to catch-hold of a gorgeous you.

GO RAW!: While avoiding going too over-the-top when it comes to hair – a relaxed and unkempt look is in vogue for tresses – just-out-of-the-bed styles like; soft waves, scrunchy ponies, loose ponies, loose buns is how you need to style you hair this season! Not only this, these hair-dos are not only best fit for a casual day-out; but are an awesome choice for a formal-meeting too! Just make sure to catch hold of a good quality hair mousse or mild intensity hair-gel to acquire your favorite tousled hair-style and be good to go. 

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