Lindsay Lohan gets new tattoo

Los Angeles: Actress Lindsay Lohan got a new tattoo on her left wrist that says `Live Without Regrets`.

The 25-year-old, who has endured several stints in rehab and various legal woes in recent years, visited a tattoo parlour Jan 6 to get "Live Without Regrets" etched on her left wrist.

According to her friends, she wanted the inking to remind her of how good she is feeling at the moment, reports

Lindsay already has many tattoos and the most recent one is Billy Joel lyric "clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife, I feel like I`m in the prime of my life", from the song "I Go to Extremes", inked onto her rib cage.

On her inner right wrist, Lindsay has the word `Breathe`, close to where she had the Marilyn Monroe quote "I restore myself when I`m alone" inked after splitting from Samantha Ronson in 2009.

She also has `La Bella Vita` etched on her back.