Liz Hurley looks stunning in bandage dress

Last Updated: Oct 24, 2010, 17:38 PM IST

London: Elizabeth Hurley recently stepped out for dinner looking stunning in a tight bandage dress.

The outfit shows she won’t succumb to the bodily fears of getting old and see things ``go south``.

The 45-year-old is most remembered for donning Versace`s daring safety pin dress in 1994. It was later voted as the greatest red carpet gown of all time in 2008.

Showing she hasn’t lost her touch, the model is still able to wear jaw-dropping attire and not look a day older than she did 15 years ago, reports the Daily Mail.

Despite insisting she has never undergone any surgery, Liz has incurred mass speculation over whether she has indeed had a breast augmentation and botox thanks to her fuller upper half.