Lucy Liu was a tomboy

Los Angeles: Actress Lucy Liu says she grew up as a tomboy, and so she is easily charmed by men who praise her good looks.

She says she was never considered beautiful while she was growing up.

The ‘Charlie`s Angels’ star was raised in Queens, New York and she was often mocked at by her classmates for her skinny figure and cropped haircut, reports

"I grew up as a tomboy, and if you`ve seen photographs of me as a child, you see my mother cut all of my hair off. I had no hair... I was not considered feminine at all, and boys did not look at me. I was a toothpick," Liu told Michigan Avenue magazine.

Now, because Liu, who has previously dated actor Will McCormack and screenwriter Zach Helms, spent so much time believing she wasn`t pretty during her youth, she unknowingly falls for men who sing her praises.

"I find that if somebody finds me beautiful, it melts my heart because it`s not something I heard most of the time growing up ever. I can easily be enticed into some terrible relationship because I`m like, `Oh, my God, you think I`m beautiful?` You know what I mean? And my friends are like, `Why did you date that a**hole for so long?` `I`m like, `Oh, God.`" she added.


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