Macpherson ranks education before looks

London: The host of this year`s series of `Britain`s Next Top Model` Elle Macpherson priorities education than looks.

The 47-year-old supermodel accepts that a sharp brain always helps to go further in life as she believes that intelligent models don`t bank just on their looks, a magazine reported.

`The Edge` star, who has two sons Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson, 12, and Aurelius Cy Andrea Busson, 7, with business tycoon Arpad Busson realises the importance of education specially for girls as she admits that girls can`t always rely on their beauty alone.

"My advice would be to get an education. It`s much more interesting for girls to be educated and be beautiful because they are a lot of simply pretty girls out there. The ones who get ahead are the ones who have a curiosity, a flexibility and a natural instinct with some cultural understanding, plus a willingness to learn," Macpherson said.

The Australian beauty, owner of lingerie line Elle Macpherson Intimates which is the biggest-selling range in the UK and her native Australia is seen focused more on business despite her huge success in fashion world.

"I wanted to create business in new ways and to step away from the modelling agency method at the time. I was interested in licensing and branding - sometimes I wanted equity and I looked for longevity," she said.



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