Madge spends £562,600 on looks!

London: Queen of Pop Madonna apparently spends a whopping 562,600 pounds every year to look young.

The singer keeps away wrinkles, grey hairs and wobbly bits with an anti-ageing regime.

The 51-year-old entertainer slathers her whole body in cream that costs 500 pounds per pack.

She prefers nothing but the purest Kabbalah water that doesn’t come cheap.

Madonna bought a 40,000-pound anti-cellulite machine to keep her dimples away.

An avid fan of the ‘Gyrotonic Expansion System’, that is a rack-like contraption which stretches and strengthens the muscles-with the aim of making them longer and leaner, Madonna shells out 414 pounds for a course of three sessions which adds up to £20,000 a year, reports The Mirror.

Madonna also uses a number of anti-ageing creams and serums for her face and body.

She regularly sleeps covered in a 500-pound-a-pot cream and wrapped in a plastic body suit to keep her skin youthful and moisturised.

A couple of night’s of this beauty sleep a week adds up to 52,000 pounds a year.

Madonna personal nutritionist and chef travel with her here everywhere to prepare macrobiotic meals. The wages sum up to 45,000 pounds a year each while a bottle of Kabbalah water costs 6 pounds.



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