Madhavan gets an image makeover in `Jodi Breakers`: Ashwini

New Delhi: He is famous for playing the "good guy" in films but actor Madhavan is set for an image change in his upcoming romantic film ‘Jodi Breakers’.

The actor`s character will be of a rogue, says director Ashwini Chaudhary.

The story revolves around Madhavan and Bipasha, two individuals who break others` relationships but end up falling in love with each other.

"In Bollywood, you generally see him (Madhavan) as a nice guy but in "Jodi Breakers` I desperately wanted to give him a different image. My lead protagonist Sid is a little bad and a rogue," Ashwini told reporters.

The director wanted to closely study Madhavan, who started his career with Tamil cinema, and then suggested the changes in his character trait for the movie.

"What I found really interesting was that Madhavan was ever so willing to experiment. He too wanted to break that image. It was a challenge because he had to change everything, right from his facial expressions to mannerisms, body language and get up," said Ashwini. The director says he did not feel the need to change Bipasha`s look because she has always been appreciated for her glamorous appeal.

"Audience have a certain expectation from Bipasha. They want to see her as a glamorous woman. Thankfully the character of Sonia is that of a modern urban girl from today`s time. Hence there wasn`t much that we needed to add."

Though the film has already hit the chartbusters with its soulful numbers, the director said there is much more to a film than its songs.

"You just can`t have a mainstream run of the mill film. You have to be practical enough and think hard that if your film doesn`t have Khans in it, why should audience come and watch it?

"You have to bring in certain freshness in terms of the basic idea and the storyline. To aid that you add good face value and then sprinkle it with good music. You have to make it an interesting enough package for the audience to look forward to."


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