Make-up essentials in your college bag

As, you head towards an altogether new journey of life; keeping yourself presentable and well-maintained all the time becomes a necessity than a mere luxury.

Yes, we are talking about your college life – which is incomplete without these essentials – better kept in your college bag. Permanent Makeup Expert and Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Gunjan Gaur, reveals what are they just for you!

Makeup Essentials:

You can’t afford to look ‘bad’ at any point of clock; therefore frequent touch-ups are required in order maintain your beauty all day long. Hence, you should always keep a small makeup kit including; a foundation matching your skin-tone, a smudge-free and waterproof kohl along with a long-lasting, quality lip gloss, to make yourself emerge perfect every time you step out of your college washroom.

Comb and Mirror:

Combing not only turns you hair neat and tangle free but also infuses a fresh bounce into them – making them flow while you bunk with your friends! So, always keep a wide-toothed comb/brush to detangle your mane whenever required. Also, a small handy mirror would enable you have a peek about your grooming every other minute – like you can check whether your kohl and lip color is smudging and make it intact and perfect if they are.

Face Wash or Wet Wipes:

Being out in sun and pollution for long hours in your college premises make your skin lose its sheen as the day ends; leaving greasy layer on your face. So, it’s important to carry your face-wash to wash your face. But, if this seems a hassle, you can certainly keep wet-wipes readily available in market nowadays with you, to remove all the dust and smear off your face and revealing a fresh you.

Sunscreen or Sun-blocks:

Experts have been reiterating it since ages! You should not skip your sunscreen for even a single minute as the UVA rays barge into your skin all the time you roam around in college. Therefore, a good sunscreen should be your pick for your college bag; don’t forget to slather some every two hours to keep yourself sun safe.


Bad odour is a big no-no; especially when you are amongst friends. So, it’s important to carry your favorite deo or perfume to keep body smell at bay. Splash some, whenever needed to imbibe freshness with fragrance and be the ultimate diva your college.

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