Margaret Thatcher`s handbag sells for 25,000 pounds

London: A handbag once used by former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher has been sold for 25,000 pounds at a charity auction.

The leather bag by British luxury brand Asprey was sold at Christie`s, BBC reported. Proceeds from the sales would go to three charity organisations - Combat Stress, the British Forces Foundation and Debra.

Thatcher was famously pictured with the bag when she stood with then US president Ronald Reagan in 1985.

The bag, owned by Thatcher for more than 30 years, was bought by an unnamed person from Cyprus.

Edwina Currie, a former minister in Thatcher`s government, said: "It wasn`t a shield, it was a weapon. It said, `I am Margaret Thatcher, I`m the boss, I`m in charge. I have all this power and I have control`."

"That was why the handbag was always so neat and tidy and black and shiny and dominant. It would go on the Cabinet table. She used it as her filing cabinet and made herself notes during the day or at events and flourished them."

Thatcher, born in October 1925, was prime minister from 1979 to 1990.