Mark Ronson quits partying

London: Music producer Mark Ronson has quit partying over fears his wild lifestyle was turning him into a tabloid mockery.

The Grammy Award-winning DJ, who shot to fame working with British singer Lily Allen and after producing Amy Winehouse`s global smash hit album `Back to Black` became an instant regular in gossip columns with his playboy lifestyle. He now wants to avoid it all, reports

"I look back at pictures of me from that time, I simply do not recognise myself. I`d go out for a beer after a gig and my photo would be everywhere the next day. I was associated with Amy and Lily Allen because I`d worked with both of them... It must have looked like I was living this vapid lifestyle and just getting wasted every night," he said.

Ronson`s notoriety in the press gathered pace when he began dating teenage supermodel Daisy Lowe, 13 years his junior, in 2008, and the star admits he was eventually forced to re-evaluate his life and take a step out of the spotlight.

"Daisy is really sweet, but I look back and realise I was turning into a cliche. At one point, it seemed normal to be in the papers every day. But that`s not normal for me. I`m a DJ and producer, I`m supposed to be one of the indoor kids," he said.

"I`ve scaled back on the smoking and drinking. It`s fun to have a beer but drinking Jack Daniel`s before going on stage is a recipe for disaster. I don`t miss the partying - I`m getting too much energy from the music I`m making," he added.


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