Morrissey supports Gaga`s meat dress

London: Vegetarian singer Morrissey has backed Lagy Gaga`s 2010 MTV Video Music awards meat dress stunt, insisting it is fine to wear animal flesh as a "social and political statement".

"The meat dress was first done by artist Linder Sterling in 1982, and she did it as a protest at men seeing female flesh as meat. I don`t know whether that came across with Lady Gaga," quoted Morrissey as saying.

"I think people didn`t question it too deeply - they simply saw it as `today`s loony idea`. But I like to assume that Gaga had the same notion. If it`s a social and political statement, it`s acceptable. If it isn`t, I don`t really see the point," he added.

The dress was recently donated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio where it will be displayed for fans.