Most common make-up mistakes

Makeup – a quintessential need for every woman – has been helping them to look prettier in front of their mirrors ever since. A daily-activity for majority of ladies, makeup intends to hide our flaws while accentuating our features – in order to intensify our overall beauty. But, being an ‘art’ – it can be troublesome too; if gone wrong. Bharti Taneja, Beauty and Makeup Expert and Director at ALPS Beauty Clinics, shares what NOT to do while doing self-makeup.

Dabbed Dryness:
It is not advisable to apply foundation or dab your compact powder on a dry face; a frequent occurrence in daily life, due to hurried-up schedules. Anyways, no matter how little time you have, you should not wear your makeup unless you have moisturized your face well. As, makeup on dry skin can make the face appear patchy and uneven; and the outcome may not be very pleasurable to look at. A great idea to curb this situation is to get rid of dry, flaky skin by nourishing your face and neck by massaging it with replenishing cream on regular basis.

Not matching!
Wearing a foundation lighter than your original skin-tone or applying several layers – just to look fairer – is not recommended at all. For this, you should primarily choose a shade that nearly equals the tone of your skin, blend it well on a well-moisturized face and neck, and then pat with loose powder that matches the hue of the foundation. Also, remember not to miss the neck, for a perfect makeup.

Error of Eyes…
A subtle and perfectly done eye makeup can accentuate any makeup look. But, going a little over-the-top can end up looking messy too. For a delicately done eye-do, one should remember to dab dots of concealer, and blend it well with the base color to hide the dark circles and puffiness. It is advisable to avoid very bright and contrasting eye shadows hues as they can look neon in pictures. Frosty shades such as, pink and peaches can make your eyes appear puffy at times. Therefore, if possible, keep your eye-do all-natural during the day by sticking to pastel eye shades; but can add a little shimmer or smokey effect for an evening-do.

Lips at Fault!
Although it’s good to be fashion-savvy, but choosing lip colors that are in vogue, without checking if they really compliment your skin tone or not, is not at all good idea too. Also, wearing a lip liner that is darker than your lipstick can also turn things bitter on the fashion front. Lip shades that appear too matte, endowing you lips with super dry look, are also not recommended. You should try various shades before any event to find the perfect one – best suited for you.

All That Glitters!
Last but not the least, one should not confuse glitter with shimmer in makeup. Worn the right way, makeup done using a little shimmer, can in fact look great. But it is suggested to use it cautiously and also, not over your entire face. Shimmery eyes, glossy lips with sparkly cheeks – all glitter together doesn’t work, even for a night-do. Hence, keep it simple by just adding sheen and not ‘shimmer’ to your look.

This article has been written by Bharti Taneja, Director, Alps Beauty Clinic

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