My fashion is not usually for attention, says Rihanna

Los Angeles: Rihanna is known for her racy costumes both on stage and off, but the R&B star says she doesn`t do it on purpose to grab attention.

Earlier this week the 24-year-old stepped out in a see-through top with no undergarment, and the `We Found Love` hitmaker says she was simply embracing the style of her shirt, reported Access Hollywood.

"Waking up in the morning and deciding to get dressed is probably the longest part of my day. I have too many clothes, I have too many options.

"Dressing is always so spontaneous, it always depends on the mood, plus the occasion, plus your little daring touch that I like to put on my outfit every time. It`s always borderline tough, yet a little sexy sometimes. I don`t do things for the response or for the controversy. I just live my life," she said.

Saying that she doesn`t dress to make news, Rihanna said that if an item shows off her body, she`s fine with it.

"The clothes that I like and the clothes that I`m attracted to sometimes are sheer, sometimes are bold, sometimes they`re very daring. I`m OK with buying a sheer shirt, because if I bought it sheer, that means I was OK with you seeing through it. Whether it was my bra or whatever else, I wear it my way."


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