My new fragrance inspired by Clooney: Andre

London: Singer Peter Andre, who recently released his new perfume for men called ‘Conditional’ says its fragrance is inspired by actor George Clooney.

"If you can imagine George Clooney walking down the red carpet and how he would smell. That`s how I try to imagine this smell," quoted Andre as saying.

Explaining the name of the fragrance, Andre, who also has a woman`s perfume called "Unconditional", admited he originally wanted a different name but was worried that people would mock it.

"I know it sounds a bit like `Conditioner` but we`ve done this because the female fragrance was a massive seller.

"So when it came to doing men`s fragrance, I came up with the name Distinctive. I thought that was really good but then I thought everyone would call it `stink` for short. So it had to be something else," he added.