My outrageous dresses have expiration date

London: Singer Katy Perry has said she will have to cut down on outrageous fashion choices, which have previously included outfits styling her even as a cake and a Christmas tree.

The ‘Firework’ singer is known for her crazy dress sense -- appearing in costumes including a dress shaped like a cake, one styled as a Christmas tree and others adorned with fruits, die and holes, as well as many latex dresses -- but she accepts she will one day be too old to wear such wild clothes, reports a website.

"They have an expiration date and that`s why I`m wearing them now at 25. I`m such a sucker for a theme, so if I go somewhere like Las Vegas, I`ll dress like Vegas! Or if it`s Christmas time, I`ll dress like Mrs. Claus," she said.

"I`ve always been girly - even though I was a tomboy. My mother said when I was a kid, I was changing for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don`t make it a big deal, I just do it," she added.