My sense of humour is more vital than my bikini look, says Sophie Monk

Melbourne: Sophie Monk, said that there are always mixed emotions when a men’s magazine comes calling asking for a front cover shoot as she posed for MAXIM Australia’s February 2012 issue.

The 32-year-old pop singer and model also said that she believes a sense of humour is more important than how she looks in a bikini top.

“I’ve always felt my sense of humour was more important than how I look in a bikini top,” the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

“Funny enough it seems the men’s magazine game begged to differ and the offers kept rolling in. Soon the anxiety went out the window.

“My take on shooting for men’s magazines is that I love entertaining people and being creative, so I approach every shoot wanting to bring something fresh.

“I have to admit a lot of my fans are men and it’s flattering to think they still think I rate in the looks department, as much as it is very cool when women say they relate to me and I`m down to earth.

“The trick is to use your assets without becoming a stuck-up diva.

“The down side of Hollywood is, of course, that you are always competing in the beauty Olympics, whether you like it or not.

“Frankly if you want to appear on screen - from TV to cinema or even YouTube - your sense of humour needs to be presented in a nice package.

“I never imagined putting emphasis on image or weight, but you soon realise it comes with the game.

Monk added that she’ll carry on her shoot for men’s magazines for as long “it’s still entertaining”.

“It`s all good fun for now and as long as it`s still entertaining I`ll do it, but I get a better kick out of things like radio, when you can entertain and it doesn`t matter what you look like,” she added.