Naomi Campbell refuses to climb steps

New York: Naomi Campbell backed out of a promotional event as she was required to climb steps.

The British beauty was supposed to be promoting her perfume line but she cancelled the appearance because she didn`t want to walk up some stairs, reported New York Post.

Campbell`s former agent Carole White said that the 40-year-old British model backed out of a televised awards show in Australia after finding out the elevator had broken and she`d have to walk up two flights of steps.

"Her failure to show was not only embarrassing, but caused friction with [the] Wella [perfume] people in Australia," White said of the 2000 event.

White`s co-director at Moodform Mission, Chris Owen, said Campbell was a nightmare travelling companion on the promotional tour - she was constantly late for meetings, and once even tried to attack him with a bottle.

Moodform is suing Campbell for backing out of their 12-year-old perfume deal for such scents as Naomi Campbell, Cat Deluxe, and Cat Deluxe with Kisses.



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