Naomi, Kate no more friends?

London: Kate Moss gave a miss to the most glittering party of London fashion Week – Dolce and Gabbana’s bash celebrating her old friend Naomi Campbell’s silver jubilee in the industry.

Kate was reportedly just minutes down the road at a Longchamp party while stars including Claudia Schiffer, Lily Allen and Liz Hurley obliged the occasion to support Naomi and her charity Fashion For Relief.

“It was an unfortunate diary clash, but Kate could have popped into Naomi’s party and it was noted she didn’t,” the Daily Mail quoted one fashion insider as saying

However, friends are not surprised as they are aware that Naomi’s friendship with Kate has cooled as Naomi bids to become a charity ambassador.

Kate did not go to Naomi’s 40th birthday party and Naomi is said to be still annoyed after Kate, 36, was rude to guests including Piers Morgan at a charity show she organised earlier this year.

An insider revealed that there is a little rift between the two supermodels, as Naomi wants to dedicate herself to good causes and there’s some feeling that Kate drags her down.


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