Nicola Roberts happy to stay makeup-free

London: Singer Nicola Roberts doesn`t feel the need to dress up while going out and can happily go makeup-free.

"Of course, I`d leave the house without make-up! People take it too seriously. This is why I love twitter," she told Star magazine.

"Last week, I left the house feeling crap. It was just one of those days - my hair was bad, I hadn`t had my coffee and a girl tweeted: `You make it OK for girls who are different to feel good.` It was really sweet. It puts the bad hair days into perspective," she added.

The Girls Aloud singer is proud of her ginger hair, reports

"I love being known as the ginger one! It would be so crap if I didn`t have ginger hair. It`s been my special thing since I was little. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on ginger hair. There`s a saying: `Not everyone has to love you, but as long as somebody loves you, then you`ll be OK`."


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