Now, a bra to make your bust look three times its size!

London: Women with small breasts will no longer have to go under the knife to make their breasts look fuller in their outfits.

A new bra that can increase a woman’s bust by three-cup sizes is tipped to go on sale on Monday.

The British-designed Triple Boost Bra worth 22 pounds was three years in the making and uses three types of padding.

Sharon Webb, head of lingerie at Debenhams, whose team designed the Triple Boost, believes that the new bra is unique.

“It wasn’t as simple as putting extra padding into an ordinary bra or revamping a double-cup boost bra,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“We had to get the materials and the padding just right, or it wouldn’t look natural.”

In the final product, a large cushion pad has been inserted on the outside of each cup to give ‘mega side push and lift’, while medium foam pads lift the breasts and soft foam cushions inside the cups are said to enhance the shape of the bust.

“More and more women are searching for a quick-fix, low-cost way to boost their assets,” said Ms Webb.

“People want to enhance their bust but without the cost or pain of undergoing surgery,” she added.



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