Now, find the perfect fitting jeans without trying them on!

London: Shoppers can now find the perfect pair of jeans without trying them on, thanks to the Biometrics 3D body scanner that is being installed in the trial rooms of a high street store in Britain.

The device will take the accurate measurement of the customer’s body type in just 7 seconds and help him find the perfect pair of jeans without undergoing the hassle of trying one jeans after the other.

For the purpose, shoppers will strip to their underwear and step into the scanner, which is shaped like a photo booth.
The Bodymetric scanner takes readings from 300,000 points all over the body, creating an accurate map of the body’s curves and contours.

One hundred vital statistics can be gathered - from bottom, waist and hip measurements down to the size of the left ankle, thigh girth and inside leg.

A Fit Stylist will then analyse the body mapping results and use the information to pick out the perfect pair for the customer.

The team will also email the customers their unique body map for future reference, with the motive to propel more stores to implement the technology so that the details could help with accurate fitting.

Furthermore, Bodymetrics’ CEO Suran Goonatilake believes the body scanners could transform internet shopping as well.

“One of the key barriers in internet shopping is that because you can’t try items on, returns are between 20 and 40 per cent of all garments sold,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

“Our vision is that over the next few years, most retailers will have body scanners which will allow people to shop in store as well as online and help find clothes that fit perfectly their size, shape and style.”

“Once you have your body scanned, it will be uploaded to your Bodymetrics account which can be accessed online, so you can shop for clothes knowing they’re going to fit,” he added.


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