Now, tights that moisturize your skin as you walk

London: Marks ‘n’ Spencer has claimed that their latest ‘prepare to bare’ tights will put an end to women’s worry of daily moisturising their legs.

The store says its tights will make skin appear noticeably smoother after only one week, as it moisturises your legs as you move.

While it’s sheer fabric gives wearers the illusion of bare legs.

The tights, pegged at 5 pounds a pair, are coated with millions of tiny bubbles that are ruptured by friction, releasing the moisturiser on to the skin.

Although Marks ‘n’ Spencer will not reveal exactly what makes up its ‘secret’ formula, but it does divulge that it contains aloe vera, marine plant extract and ginkgo biloba.

The bubbles are added in the final stages of production, and their moisturising effect lasts for up to ten washes.

Paschal little, the chain’s head of technology, said the effects would be ‘tangible’ after a week.

“There’s always that point when you’ve been inside all winter and through the spring and you want to get your legs prepared to come out,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

“We think that as opposed to applying cosmetics on to your skin by hand, this is a method where you can put your tights on, forget about them all day and know the benefit is being delivered to your skin,” he added.


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