Only Versace for me, says Gaga

London: Pop star Lady Gaga says she will only wear Versace clothes for the next two months because she is in love with Donatella.

Gaga is obsessed with the fashion house`s garments, both new and vintage.

"Right now what I`m wearing is an archive Gianni Versace. This was never seen before. It is a dress that was made before he died. And actually I`m wearing only Versace for like the next two months. I`m having a love affair with Donatella," quoted Gaga as saying.

Gaga, known for her outrageous fashion sense, is more comfortable in less clothes.

"I sometimes feel naked with clothes on. Sometimes I feel less naked with no clothes. Does that make any sense? I feel quite comfortable in my underwear or in see thorough things," she said.

The 25-year-old admits that she sometimes go too far with her outfits, but that doesn`t stop her from being experimental.

When asked if she ever regrets any of her outfits, she said: "All the time. But that`s part of the fun of it. You know, I always try to get dressed with a little bit of humour. It`s not about being sexy or being just, I guess, attractive. It`s about having fun."


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