PETA brands Brooke Shields ‘fur pimp’

Wellington: PETA has blasted Brooke Shields for creating a mink coat, tagging her a ‘fur pimp’.

The animal rights organization is angry with the actress’ visit to Denmark in March to fulfil her daughter’s dream of creating a coat from animal fur.

Brooke visited Copenhagen’s Fur workshop and said she would not stop wearing fur products.

"I will advocate that both my generation and the younger generation can wear fur," quoted her as saying.

PETA slammed the actress saying the production of fur coats is cruel and should be boycotted.

A post on the PETA website read: "When I was a little girl, I dreamed about growing up to be a rock star.

"Or maybe a veterinarian. Or a roller derby queen. I didn’t dream about anally electrocuting animals on fur farms, but apparently Brooke Shields did."



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