Pippa Middleton chased by paparazzi in ‘Diana-esque’ style

London: Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa Middleton is being chased by photographers after her break-up from Alex Loudon.

The paparazzi pursuit of the Duchess of Cambridge’s has been dubbed as “Diana-esque”.

Royal aides are concerned about the safety of the Duchess’ younger sibling after learning that they pursued her on motorbikes and in cars.

Insiders claim that she is being snapped more than Kate and has no protection at all.

“It is getting out of control. Some of these paparazzi have been literally chasing her down the street,” the Daily Express quoted an insider as saying.

“Whenever she leaves her flat, they are there.

“It’s Diana-esque. While she understands that there are times she will be photographed, she shouldn’t have to put up with being followed day and night,” the source added.

Pippa was also reportedly photographed in tears over dinner with a friend near her Chelsea home last week.