Pippa’s ‘disgraceful’ posterior poster taken down from UK pub sign!

London: A poster of Pippa Middleton showing her famous posterior in a figure-clutching bridesmaid’s dress during her sister Kate’s royal wedding has been taken down from a pub of Ampthill, UK.

The Bedfordshire hostelry’s landlord was ordered to eject it and replace it with the more stately head of Catherine of Aragon.

“We don’t want disgraceful pictures of ladies’ posteriors on our pub signs. That sort of behaviour might be acceptable in the fleshpots of Flitwick or Luton but not in Ampthill,” the Daily Star quoted resident Charlie Garth as saying.

After keeping Kate’s royal wedding poster for some time, Richard Hammond, who runs the pub with his son Daniel, replaced it with her sister Pippa’s rear after it was pointed out that Kate wasn’t yet queen.

“When we put the picture of Kate up we had a constant stream of visitors and people taking photos,” Hammond said.

“Then we put up Pippa’s bottom and that went down equally as well. So we are stuck with Catherine of Aragon but she’s a bit dilapidated,” he added.


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