Playboy’s steep registration fees irk models

New York: Playboy`s practice of charging its models to show up to centerfold casting calls upsets model bookers.

The magazine is requiring a registration fee of 19.95dollars to attend casting calls in various cities.

It also charges models 49.99dollar and 59.99dollar for sets of their own photos taken at the calls.

"You can be a 300-pound gorilla, and they will take your money," the New York Post quoted Jonathan Barum of model agency, Warren & Barum Productions, as saying.

However, Playboy says the fees and packages have been in place for about two years.

The registration fees are to discourage people from canceling appointments and are refunded in some cases at the castings.

The photo packages are offered because women repeatedly asked if they could keep the shots taken at the casting calls for themselves.

"All photo packages are completely optional," said a Playboy rep.