Ponytail - for all seasons, occasions

New Delhi: Having a bad hair day or running out of time? Tying up your locks in a ponytail is the best answer as it is one hairstyle that can be handled with ease.

Thanks to its versatility, it can be worn to work or even for a party.

Najeeb Ur Rehman, PPS Manager, Schwarzkopf Professional India, says ponytails can be easily worn with casuals, formals, stylish and sporty attire, and they can easily transform a woman from a day-look to an evening.

To get that look, Rehman advises to go for side parting, and twist all the way to the back, and tie at the side.

"For a more casual look, the ponytails are usually worn low at the nape, with loose hair left at the front. The business or formal looks are created with hair tied high at the crown, with a sleek and gelled finish," Rehman told IANS.

It is a hairstyle that can be done quickly and easily, but those with round face tend to shy away from it as it makes the roundness more prominent. But he has a solution for that.

"People with round faces can opt for tying the ponytails high up around the crown, as this helps to cut out the roundness of the cheeks. One can also frisk out some hair along the hairline to soften the sides and create an elongated look," he said.

To add drama, he suggests to include braids or twists or a high bouffant. You can even use accessories like hair bands, strings, side pins, head bands and anything with bling.

Rehman is all in favour of using hair styling products to create a desired look.

"Styling products vary from smoothening creams to volume mousse to gels and hair sprays. So every look needs a special product crafted for it. For example a sleek, wet look ponytail look, will need a lot of shine serum to give it the shiny look, plus gel to hold back those short hair locks from falling all over the place," he explained.

A casual low ponytail, on the other hand, will need a much lighter product.

"Products to just soften the hair while tied up are required," he said.

Ponytails created for a fuller look will need a volume mousse or cream to add body and fullness to the hair.

But he advises it is best to be cautious while using these products.

"Remember that all products need to be used within a limit, as any excess amount of product can overburden or weigh down your hair, making it flat and limp or sticky and hard," he said.

IANS (Pic courtesy: iheartcelebtrends.wordpress.com )

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