Posh faces backlash over Vogue cover

Updated: Jul 29, 2010, 15:52 PM IST

London: Victoria Beckham’s sexy photoshoot for Turkish Vogue has angered Islamic fundamentalists.

The 36-year-old former Spice Girl is seen on the cover holding a cocktail glass, wearing a mini-skirt with her legs spread.

The glossy magazine also has a string of suggestive pictures inside.

And now, Muslim hardliners have called for the magazine to be boycotted because her “western decadence” is a bad influence.

Locals in the hard-line Fatih district of Istanbul slammed the shots.

“We believe women should not flaunt their bodies in public. It’s what we believe as Muslims,” a news daily quoted Barber Duran Kaya, 45, as saying.

“I would not be comfortable if my wife or daughters dressed like it,” he added.