Posh, Kim swap compliments via Twitter

London: Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham have been giving each other compliments via social networking site Twitter.

The two seems to have struck up an unlikely new friendship.

“OMG one of my fashion icons has joined twitter! Fashion week is now every week with Victoria on here!” the Daily Mail quoted Kim as tweeting.

“So kind, love ur show,” Victoria, 36, tweeted back.

A source said: “She sent Kim a message to say she’d love to meet up. Kim wants her advice on which of her designs would suit her body shape best.

Victoria reportedly owns a Hermes Birkin Bag collection worth over 2.3 million dollars.

However, reality star Kardashian is hot on her heels in the ownership stakes after dropping a reported 100,000 dollars this week in the Hermes boutique in Paris.