Posh wants to dress Michelle

London: Michelle Obama is on top of the wish list of fashionista Victoria Beckham, who wants to dress the US First Lady.

The former Spice Girl who launched her latest collection at New York Fashion Week, said that she was already working on "getting there", reported Daily Mail online.

"I would love to(dress Michelle). You know, I dressed Sarah Jessica Parker for an event at the White House so I`m getting there. I`m in the door," said Victoria.

The wife of football heartthrob David Beckham is a hit with the Hollywood A-listers and her clientele includes Drew Barrymore and Eva Longoria.

Victoria said that she wants her fashion line to be a celebration of womanly curves, despite being a rail thin size zero.

"I just want to celebrate a woman`s curves. Although, you`re right, I don`t have that many myself. I want to celebrate a woman`s curves. I love a woman`s body and I want to make women look and feel fantastic," said Victoria.

She has also debuted a collection of handbags, which she says are aimed at working mums, which means that they are `chic` as well as spacious.