Quick tips for working women-- beauty, fitness and style

Updated: Jun 25, 2013, 13:54 PM IST

Avril- Ann Braganza

Rohini Mascarenhas, (name changed), a 26 year old working woman woke up on the morning of her birthday with no plans to celebrate even with a day off, except to wax her legs! Was she kidding? Nope. Dead serious, she says, “After weeks of continuous work, when you finally get a day off and haven`t had time to wax, you just grab the opportunity irrespective of the occasion."

Juggling long working hours and family life, women rarely find time for themselves. Even those who don`t consider personal beauty and fitness a priority, consider it important to feel and look good. Luckily today with the various options available in beauty and fitness, women can stay on the 'look good feel good chain' without having to sacrifice a precious day off to do so. Here’s how:

Makeup and Hair Tips from Marvie Ann Beck (Owner of Marvie Ann Beck Academy of Makeup)

Most mornings are a blur for working women with families; getting the kids out of bed and ready for school, packing lunches and the regular morning frenzy. Getting dressed, and putting on makeup only to battle crowded trains, heat, rain and sweat, can be given a miss. Marvie`s simple solution is:

• Keep a small makeup kit in the office and put on your makeup there." Most Indian women rarely use makeup on a daily basis, but "a little concealer for dark circles, eyeliner, a dash of blush on and a tinted lip balm makes you look more presentable. And it barely takes five minutes."

• “Even with one weekly off, spending alternate offs on yourself is fair. Don’t go on a guilt trip. While waxing and the upper lip can be done every 15 days, once a month is enough for facials, manicures, pedicures, hair spas
and root touch ups.”

• Compact, a kohl pencil, lipstick and blush-on (especially for after work plans) are the basic essentials for a working woman`s bag. Tweezers may also come in handy for a few stray hairs.

• “Touch-ups without damaging your skin can be done minimum twice a day; and replenishing your lipstick post lunch and tea breaks is good enough.”

Keep your skin looking healthy

•Drink plenty of water (minimum10 glasses a day)

•Eat vegetables and salads and avoid dehydrating drinks like tea and coffee.

•Vitamin C, hair, skin and nail vitamins are important.

•Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

•Use a SPF 30 sunscreen for normal to sensitive skin. It protects the skin from bright lights in the office.

•Use a moisturiser and a moinsturising foundation to prevent your dry skin in the AC.

For women on the field

•Wear cotton clothes

•Keep your hair up in a nice chignon or use a scarf/ hair net. Carry a stylish hat and sun glasses or a sun umbrella.

•Carry a compact, small mirror, lipstick, a soft muslin towel, face wipes, and a face mist When you feel hot and sticky, spray your face with the face mist, use a face wipe and dab dry with a soft muslin cloth. You can then put on some compact and lipstick.

•Use a SPF 50 sunblock especialy on the back of your hands and neck.

For frizzy hair with a mind of its own,

• “The least you can do every time you wash your hair is to, condition and use a hair serum. Accessorizing your hair with a few clips, a hair band or a scarf is another solution or you could simply tie it up in a nice funky bun. For short hair, with the use of a few products; hair gel or mousse, you could try a gelled back look.”

Stay fit at home with tips from Suren Joshi (Co-owner of I Think Fitness) and Hemal Shah (Founder of Fighting Fit)

• While sitting at a desk for long hours can be exhausting, fitness trainers recommend desk exercises such as stretching on the chair and twisting to the left and right to relieve stress and exhaustion. "At the office, get up and get yourself a glass of water or walk around during a phone conversation."

• "There is no shortcut to fitness. When you exercise, the happy hormone `endorphin` is released. This helps reduce stress. With less time to hit the gym, women must at least go for a brisk walk three times a week," suggests Joshi.

• While going to a gym may be time consuming, working women can keep fit within the four walls of their home, by exercising for at least 30-45 minutes especially if the aim is to reduce weight." While the main struggle working women face is balancing time between work and family life, Shah suggests "teaming up with their husband or children to go cycling, swimming or for walks." However busy you are, almost everyone makes time for television. "During the advertisements, get off the couch and do pushups, squats or spot jogging.”

Eat well, feel well

To look and feel good, most fitness instructors and beauticians will enforce a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits. "It’s the usual. Avoid smoking, drinking, frequent late nights, be happy and avoid too much stress. Do what it takes to give yourself a little `you` time everyday. If some days things can`t be done then don`t do it. Don`t try to be the perfect woman. One needs to learn to compromise somewhere," finishes Marvie.