Rapper Nicki Minaj finds it boring to look sexy

London: Rapper Nicki Minaj says trying to look sexy for men is "boring".

The 29-year-old, famous for her flamboyant outfits and obsession with Barbie dolls, feels it`s important to embrace your uniqueness as a woman rather than conform to the stereotypical concept of sexiness.

"When I started getting serious about rap, the people closest to me were like, `You should dress this way, you should speak that way, you should rap this way`. I just started feeling super caged in," contactmusic.com quoted Minaj as saying.

"It seemed the only look for women in hip-hop was sexy. I thought you had to do that. But it`s boring. The typical sexy. I mean, girls wanna be sexy but I also think you have other sides of yourself," she added.


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