Replica of Kate’s wedding gown made using 5,000 balloons

London: A replica of Kate Middleton’s much talked-about wedding dress has been recreated using balloons.

Thelma Levett, who has spent 15 years of her life blowing up balloons and twisting them into everyday objects, was so inspired by the dress that she made a similar one entwining almost 5,000 balloons together for her daughter Vicky, 21.

“I was really inspired when I saw Kate’s wedding dress on television,” the Daily mail quoted Levett, 54, who lives in Leicestershire, as saying.

“I’d made a few balloon dresses before and had even had a go at making a wedding dress, so I thought I would make a replica of Kate’s.

“It was hard work. It took four solid days of blowing up and twisting the balloons into shape.

“But I was thrilled with the overall result. My daughter Vicky loves wearing it, although she won’t wear it outside as she’s terrified that someone will pop the dress with a pin and leave her embarrassed,” she said.

Levett also added that despite making hundreds of dresses so far with the usage of balloons, making Kate’s dress replica was the ultimate challenge.

“Kate’s wedding dress was the ultimate challenge,” she added.


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