Richie`s daughter loves to wear her lipstick

Updated: Feb 12, 2011, 11:41 AM IST

London: Socialite Nicole Richie has revealed that her three-year-old daughter loves to wear her lipstick.

"She`s still too young to understand fashion, but she loves to play with my make-up and tries on my lipstick. I just let her do it because it`s part of being a girl and part of experimenting. It`s all in good fun," a website quoted her as saying.

Richie also reveals that her daughter Harlow is more adept with a lipstick than she is.

"She`s very good at it and very careful with it. She doesn`t go outside the lines - not even once," she said.

"I am the opposite. I`m the girl who can`t wear red lipstick because I`ll forget about it and it ends up on the side of my face. She may have to start teaching me to be more careful," she added.