Rihanna is Vogue`s latest cover girl

Los Angeles: Popstar Rihanna has become the youngest black woman to be on the cover of US Vogue.

The `Rude Boy` hitmaker is the cover girl of the April edition which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the magazine`s Shape issue.

The Bajan beauty is pictured in a sheer floral dress with flowers covering her modest on the cover of the fashion bible, reported People magazine.

Her bright red hair, which partially covers her face, is complemented by bright red lips against the blue sunset background in the cover shot by Annie Leibovitz.

Rihanna is renowned for her outlandish wig collection and her `hair architect` recently divulged his ideas behind the star`s ever-changing hair.

Ursula Stephen said that she uses wigs on the 23-year-old because they are better to style with rollers and hot irons, while preserving the health of her natural hair.

Stephen said that Rihanna loves making a statement with her hair and her style changes with her mood.

"It`s about the style you want first. You have to have your vision, then you go and find the piece," said the expert.