Rihanna to launch male fragrance

London: Singer Rihanna is working on a male fragrance which will be unisex. The 24-year-old launched her debut perfume Reb`l Fleur and Rebelle in 2011 and has plans to expand the range further in the coming months.

"It is definitely a fashion line that I am working on next, I have two fragrances out plus I`m working on a male scent. But it will be unisex, because I love wearing men fragrances. You know how you love to smell like your boyfriend all day," a website has quoted her as saying.

The star also admitted to being insecure about her legs and how she has learned to embrace her flaws.

"I`m insecure about my legs. Everyone wants to have slim, toned legs and I`m the same. I do weights, but I don`t want my legs to bulk up, so I do a lot of cardio too," she said.

"I really don`t think anyone is 100 percent body confident. But you get comfortable with the fact that it`s your body and it is what it is. You just want what someone else has, but that doesn`t mean what you have isn`t beautiful. Because other people always want what you have too. You have to just learn to accept your body," she added.