Rihanna’s ‘awkward’ bikini wax session

London: Rihanna recently faced the `most awkward` situation of her life during a bikini wax session in a saloon.

The singer insists on only being waxed by Russian women who speak no English, but during one visit a young American encountered her.

The woman recognised Rihanna immediately and proceeded to chat to her during the intimate procedure - leaving the star squirming throughout the process.

"I went to this wax salon and she recognised me before I took my clothes off and I think she couldn``t wait until we were alone and she could ask for an autograph or a picture or something. So I``m lying there and in pain,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

"Every time time I get a wax I specify the lady is old and speaks Russian and no English and she was a 25 year old American and she was basically like, ``I know who you are, you`re Rihanna!`` I was like ``Awkward!``

"It was probably one of the most awkward moments of my entire life. I just got up and I got outta there and said (to my manager), ``Don`t ever bring me back here! I told you, old and Russian!``" she added.


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