Robert Pattinson spending millions on makeover

London: Robert Pattinson has reportedly begun a million dollar drive to style up his image as a singleton. The ‘Twilight’ star is working on a six-month image overhaul that he hopes will completely transform his appearance.

The reason for Robert`s reported desire to change the way he looks stems from his girlfriend Kristen Stewart``s affair with married director Rupert Sanders.

The actor wants to look and feel different as he starts life as a single man and reportedly hopes his improved image will make Kristen regret straying.

"Rob wants to show Kristen what she`s thrown away," a website has quoted an insider as telling to a magazine.

"He`s spent a fortune in the past two weeks on his hair, teeth whitening and a spray tan. He`s bought an array of Gucci suits, which cost 2,000 pounds a pop and he`s stepping up his exercise regime with trainer Tamsyn Hamilton to get in shape,” the source added.