Salma Hayek credits unwashed face for flawless complexion

London: Hollywood siren Salma Hayek has revealed that she achieves her skin perfection by never washing her face when she wakes up in the morning.

The 46-years-old actor looks much younger than her age, and she attributes her less than hygienic regime as the secret behind her youthful look.

“One strange tip - don`t wash it in the morning, at all, never,” the Daily Mail quoted her as telling Kate Garraway on ITV`1 Lorraine.

“Because at night your skin is rebuilding some of the oils that you need to keep your skin young, and it balances the PH.

“So in the morning if you take them off - you can splash it with water, do something mild - but you don`t want to get rid of that. And if your skin is dirty in the morning, it means you didn`t clean well at night,” she added.