Salma Hayek scared of plastic surgery

London: Hollywood beauty Salma Hayek says she will never resort to plastic surgery to retain her youthful looks.

The 46-year-old Mexican beauty, who looks younger for her age, says she does not believe Botox can help either, the Daily Mail reported.

"The thought of somebody pulling and cutting around my face gives me stomach ache. Plastic surgery would be so painful. What if it doesn`t look good? What if they made a mistake? I couldn`t do it," said Hayek, who raises daughter Valentina with husband Francois-Henri Pinault.

"I don`t believe in Botox either. Well... I might do it one day, but I think it`s important to move your skin, so that your muscles stay toned. I believe if you have Botox you are going to age faster because your face is not getting any exercise. You`re not oxygenating your face by moving it. I don`t like the way women look with fillers, they are not wrinkled-looking, but it`s not a beautiful look, they don`t look younger," she said.


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