Sarah Jessica Parker inspired by street fashion

Los Angeles: Actress Sarah Jessica Parker says her style is inspired by "women on the street".

The ‘Sex And The City’ star`s fashion sense was slammed last week after she was spotted wearing stirrup tights, but she didn`t consider it to be a fashion faux pas.

"It`s been so cold in New York that bare legs seemed almost undoable...So, I started wearing tights, then I saw a woman in Seattle wearing stirrups with a pump and thought, `Maybe I`ll start wearing them with a strap shoe`," quoted Parker as saying.

"I am often inspired by women on the street whose names I`ll never know," she added.

The 48-year-old fashion icon says she is unsure if the look will become a trend or not.

"I don`t know if they`ll catch on," Grazia magazine quoted her as saying.