Satya Paul`s growth largely due to Macs: Puneet Nanda

New Delhi: Puneet Nanda, the former creative director of Satya Paul, recalls how the Apple Macs, invented by Steve Jobs who died Thursday, helped him build his brand. He adds the technology has been an asset to creative people.

"Most people wouldn`t know, that Satya Paul is where it is today, largely supported by Macs. We were the pioneers in the industry to use them starting in 1992!...just a few months away from a 20 year anniversary," Nanda posted on social networking site Facebook.

Jobs died Wednesday of cancer. He was 56.

A surprised Nanda said his MacBookPro refused to boot up Thursday morning when the news of the Apple co-founder`s death was splashed all over.

"Steve Jobs (1955-2011)... he succeeded to leave the earth a little more beautiful, than he found it. ?... so, for the first time - in 19 years of using Macs, my personal MacBookPro refuses to boot up! I can understand Steve`s passing, but why is my computer acting like him?" he added.

Nanda, who took over the reins of designing for Satya Paul collection after the octogenarian designer Satya Paul retired, said Jobs` visionary power was the most valuable thing in the world.

"Jobs has enabled millions of creative endeavours to be inspired and enabled that it is not possible to capture the real extent of his contribution. At least before he left, he was rewarded to his vision manifest his company to become the most valuable in the world," he posted.


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