Shane Warne is naturally good-looking: Elizabeth Hurley

London: Model-actress Elizabeth Hurley says she has had no influence on Shane Warne`s new groomed look and denies he has had any artificial help to look good.

Hurley, 47, said she will not take credit for her fiance`s polished new image and he slimmed down of his own accord, reported Contactmusic.

"I love him looking like that, I think he looks beautiful.

He retired from international cricket before I met him and I think even when I met him two years ago he was still much bigger because he`d still been training.

"Even though he still does a little bit of cricket he doesn`t do as much. But as far as being slimmer, I have to say it`s entirely him. He`s never had any surgery and is not on a diet and he doesn`t wear make-up - look at those eyelashes, they`re very curly," she said.

Hurley, who has three failed relationships in the past, has been dating the Australian cricketer since two years.