Sharapova`s outfits available for public

Updated: Jul 02, 2010, 08:51 AM IST

London: Tennis ace Maria Sharapova has revealed that she helps in designing the outfits she wears on the tennis court and now those are available for the public.

"The things that I wear on court are actually available for people to buy. I`ve got a chance to help design the dresses and the two piece outfits and that`s been really fun, because it`s something that`s really creative. I`ve been interested in it since I was pretty young," quoted Sharapova as saying.

The 23-year-old admits that creating outfits for other people was a challenge for her.

"When the dresses were just made for me, we could do things that were a little bit more extreme and work with different materials. Now it`s for people to buy, it`s from a little bit of a different perspective because you`re making clothes for the public and not just yourself, which is a different process but it`s just as fun," she said.