Sharon Stone no longer interested in fashion

London: Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, who will turn 55 on Sunday, says she is no longer interested in fashion and is amazed that she can still fit into designer clothes.

More than two decades after shooting to global fame with `Basic Instinct`, the former glamour model has claimed she is more keen on simple dressing, reported Express online.

"It`s not a big passion. I could survive without it. All I need is a black turtleneck and a pair of black leather pants.

"But I love it when people give me runway clothes and ask me to dress up and look hot. Although frankly I think it`s a miracle that I can still fit into them at my age. I`m pretty darn happy to have my original face. I guess I must be a freak of nature," said Stone.

The mother-of-three also insisted she has now ditched the gruelling beauty regime of her younger years when she would often starve herself before a new role.
"I see women my age in LA and all they do is drink juice. Who can think correctly on a frickin` glass of juice? I can barely get it together with a couple of steaks.

"I used to have to lose 20lb to 25lb every time I got in a movie. Then one day I threw away my skinny clothes and said I`m not going to do this any more," she said.